It is only prudent to acknowledge the fact that Apple is a very rich company.  The screen on the iPhone 5 is some thing worth looking at. It has seen the company purchase hundreds of glass cutters so as to provide the iPhone 5 with a cover glass that is covered.  Apple has made a decision to invest on this due to the high price of the machines. Manufacturers’ definitely play on the small profit margins and thus would not want to go for an investment that is just an experiment. Apple made a decision to pay up for the machines in a bid to give the iPhone 5 the look it deserves.

Coming up with a curved glass for the smartphones is a rather recent technology. This has resulted to the yields from the screen being much lower. Apple desires to make some improvements on these yields which makes the glass cover for the iPhone 5 very practical. Apple requires producing millions of this without any manufacturers defect.

Apple is actually not the first company to make use of the curved glass since the Nexus S from Samsung used this technology before. The iPod Nano has already made use of the curved glass. If Apples ultimate goal is to come up with the curved glass and combine it with the tapered bezel free, then this phone will be something to talk about. The iPhone 5 is intended to be thinner and smaller as compared to the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 5 will be thinner and have a smaller sim card so as to accommodate additional features. Apple has a challenge on its hands to ensure that it is able to work with smaller space and yet fit in all the features that it desires.

The Apple fans all over the globe have been longing to witness the introduction of the iPhone 5.  A lot of speculation and expectations have been made by the aspirants who expect the features to be more advanced as compared to the iPhone 4.  Apple may even provide its users with the chance to make use of the credit cards on the iTunes to pay up for the goods that are outside the stores.

The iPhone has definitely changed the face of the mobile phone industry and with the wake of the iPhone 5 there is a lot of anticipation from the Apple enthusiasts. The cost will definitely not come cheap though on the other hand it is worth it. Other than the curved glass, the iPhone 5 will be something worth purchasing. The features are better and stronger. Though Apple had the intentions of making use of the e-sim in a bid to create more space, this was highly discouraged by the experts whose particular concern was on the security and authentification that the physical sim card provides. This will see the IPhone 5 have a physical sim card that is much smaller as compared to the one used in the other versions of the iPhones.