As a songwriter, musician or singer you will love this new app for the iPhone – FourTrack. If you love music, than you will also enjoy this app because it will turn your iPhone into a genuine four-track audio recorder. If you are familiar with multi-track recording software, like Pro Tools, Garage Band, Audacity, n-Track or Logic you know what a multi-track recorder does. For the rest of you a multi-track recorder allows you to record one track, listen to that track while you record another track and so on. It can be used by singers, guitar players, piano players and others who want to capture music ideas on their iPhone while traveling, exercising or just for their own amusement.
Here´S How You Can Use Four Track:
You choose a tempo and turn on the built-in metronome and then record your acoustic guitar, piano or else on the first track. When you are happy with your guitar/piano work you can already listen to this first track in your earphones while you can record a bass on the second track. If you are happy with both of first two tracks you can listen them in your earphones while in the same time record a third track, probably a harmony or a double vocal part. And if you want to go even further and you are confident in your ability to create even more complex tracks you can add even a second guitar part or a second vocal part on the fourth track.
After you are satisfied with your current recording, you can mix the tracks by adjusting the track levels (volume) and the controls (stereo image left or right). You can mix the tracks by making the fourth track the loudest while the second track will be the quietest, and while track one and three will be somewhere between this two. It´s even possible to have the track two about halfway between the center and left speaker and the other three tracks completely other ways. Another great feature of FourTrack is the possibility of enhancing the recorded sounds by applying some EQ (equalizer) or compression. When you are finally happy with how everything sounds you can export the tracks to a WAV file. You can export either all four tracks as a stereo mix or four individual tracks each one separate. If you export the tracks individually you can then import them back into a desktop audio program such as Garage Band, Audacity etc and further enhance, mix or add filters.
The sound quality of FourTrack is excellent, and you can make it even better if you use a professional headset or external microphone instead of the iPhone´s built in mic. Long time ago you could record a multi-track song only in professional recording studios. Fourtrack´s excellent audio quality and features are just mind blowing. If you are a singer, song writer or you play an instrument or just looking to fill your time you can be certain you´ll have a lot of fun creating your own multi-track recordings with FourTrack.