There have been a lot of rumors about the upcoming version of the iPhone.  People have been wondering whether it will be named 4GS or iPhone 5. Other questions that people ponder with include whether it will be a 4G, available on different couriers or probably adopt the near field kind of communication system. There are two companies that specialize in research who have come up with their opinion of the new upcoming version.

Bernstein Research was of the view that the upcoming iPhone will not feature the technology that is referred to as the NFC. This technology is become increasingly popular in the US smartphones industry. Apple may not be interested to jump straight in and make use of this technology. In this day and age, the NFC technology is mainly being utilized to make the mobile kind of purchases. With Apple, making a purchase will involve swiping your card over the reader and you are good to go. The NFC technology is also being utilized to download updates. A good example would be having two phones of the Nokia brand connecting or having the phone positioned at close proximity to the NFC tag. This makes a totally fresh level to be downloaded and unlocked. Apple will definitely require additional time to make this technology perfect and therefore they may have to wait another year to release a phone that makes use of the NFC technology.

When it comes to the name of the next iPhone brand, both researchers companies agree that the phone may be called the iPhone 4GS. This phone is expected to be an upgrade of the 4G. It will be fitted with an A% processor and stronger camera. However, the technical kind of updates may only be visible with the HSPA kind of support and the inclusion of different networks such as the T mobile and even sprint. China Mobile may also be included in the list. The opinion of an analyst from Forbes, Jeffries & Co stipulates that the iPhone 4Gs should cut across more carriers by the year end.

The iPhone 4S may just be a good option for Apple since they were not able to get the 4G LTE Qualcomm kind of chips on time. With the news breaking that the latest version of the iPhone may be made available to the four largest networks, T-Mobile and Sprint will definitely be interested to be the owners of an iPhone on the network that they have accommodated for a long time.

The T- Mobile has got a large following probably due to its price and excellent network coverage. The users have been anticipating having the iPhone on the T- Mobile. The IPhone 4S may be released in September but it may also go ahead and make a release of the iphone 5 a few months late once the chipsets of the 4GS are ready for use.  Making a release of the 4Gs on new carriers is an intelligent move to have the iPhone clients subjected to a two year kind of contract without having knowledge that they could be another faster version of the iPhone on the way to the market.