Diigo‘, a web-based bookmarking service, have recently launched iChromy, a new third-party iPad browser. The aim of Diigo is to bring the Google Chrome experience, already available on the Mac, to the magical tablet. However, they could not use Chrome’s underlying Chromium open-source project for obvious reasons.

iChromy can be downloaded free from the App Store and there is a possibility that the developers may become interested in launching a professional version with extra features and more substantial Diigo integration. Currently the application has several functions – most of them already available in Safari – but it does raise some questions about whether to use the application. However, on the benefit side, it does have tabs on top, a Lion-like Reading List,  good memory management, and an important feature – as in Chrome – and Omnibox to search and type addresses in the same bar.

But iChromy does fall short in several areas, such as rearranging and pinning tabs. The Omnibox is useful, but the application’s keyboard lacks the .com button. You can create bookmarks by tapping the star button in the Omnibox, but you cannot organize these bookmarks into folders, synchronize them back to the cloud or import / export them.

Although iChromy has some serious deficiencies, it can be considered a good experience and for those who like to see the tabs on top, it is an application they can use, because it does not crash when several pages are open. Maybe a professional version can bring the necessary fixes and bring the Chrome experience that much closer to iPad users.