There are many rumors already circulating the web about the new-generation iPhones, but, for a change, this rumor concerns the already launched iPhone 4 – the launch of the 64Gb iPhone 4. An internal memo from Verizon is now indicating that an iPhone 4 with 64Gb storage may be on the way ‘real soon now’..

Speculation started to increase recently after Verizon Retail mentioned, in the small print of a flyer, a white iPhone 4 (32 and 64Gb), and in a world hungry for rumors, this was like a bombshell. ‘This Is My Next’ went on to write:

…but the launch seems totally plausible considering that it’d take Apple very little effort to make that change on the assembly line. In other words, even though development of the next iPhone (whatever it ends up being called) is obviously well under way, there’s no reason to think that Apple, Verizon, AT&T, and everyone else wouldn’t mind giving the current model a summer-long shot in the arm courtesy of an easy capacity boost.

Maybe this information is just part of Verizon’s marketing plan, although the reasoning behind it is not at all clear, especially in view of the imminent advent of iCloud. Why launch an iPhone with a bigger storage capacity when you have just devised an ideal solution for storing music and video? It just does not make sense – but then again, in the modern world, nothing seems to make sense.