Researchers at the Hasso Platner Institute in Germany are about to take the phoning experience further than you can imagine: now you do not even need to hold a phone in your hand, but you can still interact with it!

These researchers have developed a prototype of an invisible iPhone. This means that if your iPhone is in your pocket or elsewhere (except your hand, of course) you can hold out your hand out and move your finger around as if you were holding the iDevice, because your movements are picked up by a motion sensor and sent to your handset.

Now your imagination can run wild: imagine that you have an iPhone in your hand – then imagine that you are playing with it – imagine the graphic interface of the iOS – imagine that someone calls you and imagine that you see the face of the caller. Weird, but is it that far fetched? Sometime in the future maybe your hand will feature a front and a back facing 8 megapixel camera and you will have iOS implanted to interact with my hand. Shades of  ‘Big Brother is Watching’ – but definitely food for the rumor mill!

Back to the German researchers: the current implementation needs a camera to be mounted above you, which sends signals back through Wi-Fi to another device. And if you are willing to look like a nut, you can try it now – start by mounting a camera somewhere convenient, then try to fall sleep with it, because now you can stop the alarm in the morning without even looking for the device. Just tap your hand and the dreaming goes on! The possibilities are…
Whatever your hand can do, the iPhone can do even better???