You own a small business and all the work that comes along with it. Anything that can simplify your daily tasks and make your business run more efficiently is a good thing. This is where square comes in. Square is a simple and easy way for your company to start accepting credit card payments with pricing that rivals most other payment methods. for example could cost you $20 a month just for the service, and you still get stuck paying a transaction and batch fee to accept a payment. Square comes to the table with no monthly fees and a low transaction fee.


This all sounds great but like anything else, while a plan may work for one person, it may not work for everyone. Square sets itself apart from the competition by sending new users a free card reader that plugs into your iPhone allowing you to get up and running with no up front costs. Instead of spending money on hardware, you can plug it in and start accepting payments today.

The App Store offers a free download of the necessary software, simply called Square. When you first load the app you will need to enter your account information to sync with the payment gateway. Once your information is added the app will automatically load to start accepting a payment. Simply enter the amount of the transaction and a brief description and swipe the card. Your customer will then sign on the screen, and once completed you have the option to either email or SMS a receipt to the customer. That’s it!

In addition to processing payments you can also look at transaction history and view your account information from within the app, making it the perfect app for a business owner who is not always able to be near a computer.

Additional card readers can also be purchased from the Apple retail store for $9.95 in black & white, and you can have as many readers tied into one account as necessary. This makes the system fully capable of both large & small scale applications. If you own a business of any size, you should check out Square today!