Not so long ago it was only a figment of the imagination of a sci-fi novel writer, but now it is in the hands of every iPhone 4 user – facial recognition to confirm the identity of the owner.
RecognizeMe‘ is a facial-recognition tweak for a jailbroken iPhone 4 that aims to make the unlocking of your favorite iDevice more secure.

To make it work is not difficult – when the screen is unlocked there is a prompt for a password or ‘RecognizeMe’. Hit ‘RecognizeMe’ and let the phone scan your face using the front facing camera, and the application can be trained to recognize your face with an adjustable threshold for a match from the insecure 0% to the secure 100%.

Allow the iPhone to scan your face and if ‘RecognizeMe’ confirms your identity it unlocks the iDevice. If not, it prompts you to enter your password. This could be helpful for those who often forget to shave for a long period.

Although this is a useful application for a jailbroken device there are some problems. First, is that it takes some time to scan your face – the video shows it with increased speed – and while you are waiting for the application’s response you cannot do a thing (but you are limited to just looking at the iPhone’s unlock screen). Second, it is also able to work from a 2-D image, so anyone who has a photograph of you can trick the application and unlock the iPhone.

Now it is your decision whether to purchase the application from the Cydia store for $7. But remember not to be so generous with the photographs!