A new class-action lawsuit is claiming that AT&T have systematically overstated data use by 7% to 14% (and sometimes up to 300%) on users’ iPHone and iPad data plans. According to court documents, more than $80,000 has been spent by lawyers on the suit for testing iPhones on AT&T’s network to prove the claim of the carrier’s overstated data use.

How did these lawyers spend the above-mentioned amount? Simple. They turned off every feature on the iPhone that could use 3G data.

Then the problem began to reveal itself: although all 3G data connections were turned off, there were still 35 transaction for data use on one lawyer’s bill. However, the costs were relatively small – meaning $10 to $15 per month – but the conclusion is that AT&T is illegally billing its iPhone and iPad users by overstating data use. Now multiply this amount by the number of AT&T iPhone users…!

While reading this news on TUAW, a quick calculation was made – divide the amount of $80,000 by 10 to get 8,000 lawyers – that is some team.

Meanwhile the carrier responded to the claims by referring to them as ‘without merit’. AT&T says that the lawsuit does not take into account “automatic application updates in the background that customers may not be aware of.”