We have watched the sage of the white iPhone 4 for more than 10 months now and it is finally over. The long overdue arrival of the white version has iPhone enthusiasts very excited. The white version has almost become like a cult obsession amongst hardcore iPhone fanatics who simply cannot wait to get their hands on this. Apple did not throw too much of an extravaganza this time, after months of postponing and re-postponing the launch date, everyone is pretty sure that Apple is just happy to get this rolling out finally.

A cynical observer might ask what’s the point? After all the iPhone 4 was launched last year and it is already in danger of being outdated in the face of intense competition by rivals, especially HTC, Motorola and Samsung, all which have released some spectacular phones in the recent months. Furthermore, if Apple sticks to its calendar, the iPhone 5 might come out in June, but rumors suggest that the launch date might be pushed back to this fall. One reason for the delay could be to give the white iPhone 4 a real chance of making some huge sales before replacing it with the enhanced iPhone 5. While it seems like basic marketing, the thrill of the white iPhone 4 will surely elude most consumers.