Apple is no stranger to controversial apps and games designed by controversial developers. On the other hand, we are no strangers to Apple’s controversial decisions regarding the content of certain games and its almost arbitrary rating policy. The latest game to irk Apple and users alike was a migrant smuggling game, which allowed iPhone users to smuggle immigrants along territory similar to the US-Mexican border (this seemed to be the idea anyway). Apple has since removed the game but declined to give a specific reason.

The creator of the game, Owlchemy Labs’s developer Alex Schwartz claimed that the game was rejected due to “content-related,” issues but did not elaborate further due to a contractual agreement.

Critics, especially those who favor immigration reform, claimed the game was a very negative portrayal that really trivialized the grueling experience hopeful immigrants go through to enter the US. Many called the game distasteful and asked for its immediate removal ever since the development of the game was announced in February. This is not the first time that Apple has gone out of its way to remove content that is deemed offensive to certain groups. However, the company is still learning how to walk the fine line between morality and creativity.