The Apple’s upcoming A5 dual-core processor promises to offer a faster and smoother smartphone experience. While some users may simply shrug at the increase in processing power or claim they do not need a major update to continue using the iPhone the way they always have, there will always be one group (and thank god!) that will never be satisfied with the increase in raw processor graphic performance: the gaming community.

First, a dual-core processor is not directly responsible for the graphical advances, which are the result of a better on-board graphics chip. What does improve is the game-play aspect of many available games. For example we could expect to see a whole new bunch of games with better AI and more realistic physics that give gamers a much more immersive gaming experience. A dual-core processor will be able to make multiple calculations at the same time without overloading the processor. This all translate to games that are more complex in the near future. Therefore, it is not just the iPhone that will be getting a radical overhaul but the whole iPhone gaming eco-system looks set for a radical (yet, positive) change. We expect developers to start working on more content rich games even before it is officially launched and hopefully we will be able to take the new iPhone 5 for a proper test-drive very soon.