Reports from the guys at Engadget have reported that white iPhone 4’s are ready for consumption but strangely only in a certain area no where near you. One Belgium retailer already has there hands on the wildly sought after white unicorn and they are willing to ship it to you, as long as you live in the Benelux region.

Im guessing by now people have there credit cards lined up to buy these gems and reselling them for a whole boatload of cash, but you gotta get to them first. Good luck flying over the lake to Belgium in time to get your meaty hands on the the white iPhone 4. Lets see trip over there would cost about $1,000, another grand for probably room and board. Traveling expenses around the Benelux area and plus Belgium waffles for breakfast every morning. Your looking to spend about $4,000 give or take just to be the one to say “first!”


via engadget