According to sources with knowledge of Apple’s supply chain, the iPhone5 is set to ship in September. Reuters reports – quoting these sources – that production of the next-generation iPhone starts in July and it includes the same features as the iPhone4. However, there is no shortage of information on the iPhone5 design, and the latest bombshell was dropped by the guys from ‘this is my next’ – who claim to have some intimate information and based on that they devised a mockup of the iPhone5.

As Engadget said earlier this year, the design of the phone is set to radically change, and the guys from ‘this is my next’ designed an iPhone that looks similar to the iPod touch. It is thinner and it has a teardrop shape that follows the lines of the MacBook Air.

All of us know that Apple tests many devices before they place it on the production line, but is this the new iPhone? If yes, then perhaps we should all move on!

There are two radical changes: the screen and the home button got bigger. The sources say that Apple is doing some interesting things with bonded glass technology, and the guys from ‘this is my next’ sketched up the iPhone with an impressive 3.7 inch screen and a pixel density of 312 pixels. This does mean that Apple can now tout Retina Display technology.

But the home button – the sources say that “the home button is doing double duty as a gesture area”, so this equates to a bigger home button. Unfortunately, big is not always beautiful!