Those familiar with professional video production already know the video post-production applications and plug-ins delivered by Red Giant Software. What is news, though, is that Red Giant Software have now released an iPhone photography application, called Plastic Bullet – that actually happened last year – which aimed to make your photographs look as if they were shot with a plastic toy camera.

Plastic Bullet was just the beginning, as Red Giant have just released two new camera applications that are as good as the previous application.

Noir is a universal application that costs just $3 from the App Store. This application gives your photographs a cinematic looks by converting the picture to black and white, or a tinted monochrome, and the ability to add dramatic lighting. It enables you to focus the lighting to highlight a specific point on the photograph and fade everything else into the background.

The second application that Red Giant Software launched is Movie Looks. While Noir was focused on customization, this application is preset-driven and it is possible to purchase three additional preset packs if you wish as an in-application purchase. There are some critics of the lengthy render times, and, of course, some users do not like having to use in-application purchases, but this comes primarily from those who ‘forgot’ to read the description. Movie Looks is also $3 and can be downloaded from the App Store.