Like the earlier version of this application, Bento comes in two versions: one for your iPhone (and iPod touch) and one for your iPad, with the only difference between the two applications being how you interact with your device.

The five dollar application comes with twenty-five templates (both versions) for anything from vehicle maintenance and diet log times through to billing and expense databases. Creating and editing new collections is easy, like data entry, but here the iPad rules – big screen equals easier editing.



A new feature is the addition of audio recording to media fields, which lets you capture around forty minutes of audio, which can be played back from the database as well.

A useful feature is the location data field which uses the GPS or Wi-Fi in your iOS device and records were you are. Just double tap a location data field and a map will be displayed, where you can localize yourself by adding a pin. This is helpful for those who do lots of fieldwork, and want to capture specific location information.

The Bento application does have some negative points minuses too. Should you wish to use Airprint, then you can only print PDF files stored in your media fields. Further, although you can capture audio and photographs in the media fields, it is not possible to capture video even though you have a camera already in your hands –  so if you want to enjoy all the features of the Bento application in full, you do need a copy of it on your Mac.