It seems as though April is the month when Kickstart attempt to brush away the opposition with the release of first Cosmonaut and now the Flow. Like a previous project, Nomad Brush, the developers at Joystickers are attempting, with Flow, to bring you a painting experience  for your touch screen with an on-screen paintbrush with traditional soft short bristles. This is a break from previous efforts which concentrated on a foam tip, or as in Nomad Brush, with an ink brush with long bristles.

Although this project is in its early stages, the Flow is still a long way from perfection, but this maybe because of the limitations of the iPad screen rather than a problem with the concept. Trying to use a tactile enhancement on the iPad is a frustrating experience as the screen is not pressure-sensitive which means that the brush only registers a single touch point – fine for outline-sketching – but somewhat limited for serious artwork where twisting and changing the pressure on the bristles produces is essential to produce the desired results.

However, the Flow is in its early stages of development, and, like any other Kickstarter project, needs help to become a reality. The Flow was started by two engineers who decided to build a product they would like to use, but which also has potential to become a useful enhancement for the iPad touch screen. They have set themselves a modest target of raising $10,000, and they have another twenty-six days to go to reach this target. They are projecting a selling price of $29.95, but for all those who are willing to invest in this project to help with the development will receive the enhancement for only $20. Maybe you need to speculate to accumulate?