Planet-iPhones has officially launched its new Cydia Search platform. For those of you that don’t know already, Cydia is an application that is typically installed on iOS devices during the jailbreaking process which features tens of thousands of software packages both free and commercially sold through the Cydia Store (similar to Apple’s App Store).

Cydia Search is a comprehensive database of all the many software packages, themes, hacks/tweaks, and everything else Cydia has to offer; fully searchable while comfortably seated at your computer – no iPhone required! Choosing a new theme is now easier and more effective because you can pull the screenshots up and compare and contrast your favorite ones with ease! If you are anything like me, no matter how advanced and cutting edge my phone gets, I always fall back to my computer as a comfortable workspace. I still live by the mantra that the bigger the screen, the easier it is to work.



Some of the more notable features of Cydia Search include:

  • Search for packages by name, description, author, and more.
  • View a listing of the most popular packages based on user ratings, the newest packages added, and even recently updated packages.
  • Each package offers detailed descriptions complete with screenshots, author/developer info, etc.
  • Listings clearly show paid packages in a different color similar to the way Cydia does.
  • All packages are clearly labeled whether or not they are from a default major repository.
  • RSS feeds are available for the newest packages list, recent updated packages list, and also for any search query.

With just about every feature you can think of, coupled with convenient browsing and a user-friendly interface, the new Cydia Search is a much welcomed addition to the Planet-iPhones site! Check it out yourself here and be sure to share your thoughts and feedback with us in your comments.