Maybe you take many photographs daily, and maybe (just maybe), some of them need some ‘help’ to become perfect or shareable. Up to now, you most probably used iPhoto or Photoshop for this, but you needed a Mac to do this.

AdvaSoft had this problem in mind when they developed TouchRetouch. The application, with the sales price of $0.99, offers some powerful tools to remove defects, people or objects from photographs with just a little effort. Imagine you are on vacation, or just on the road, and you have taken some pictures you want to share with your friends / family members, or you just want to upload them to a sharing website – now you can do it with a tap. But if the photographs are not perfect, you do not have to carry your MacBook Pro with you, or wait until you get back to the hotel or office to edit those pictures. All you need is the iPhone or iPad (you have already taken the picture with it – hallooo), TouchRetoch and your fingers.

The application lets you load an image from your camera roll for the magic to begin. Use your fingers to draw a lasso around the offending part of the photograph, or a brush to highlight it. The background is intelligently filled in as the object disappears. This is similar to content-aware fill on the new Photoshop CS5, but compare the prices (now you are getting the picture!).

Now you have done some retouching, but you do not like the result. You can use ‘undo’ to go back to wherever you want, as the application has unlimited undo’s, moreover, you can erase all or portions of the mask you have created. And when you are satisfied with the result, save it back on to your camera roll, or share it on Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and Twitter.

Do not worry, if you do not know anything about how to use any of the tools, because TouchRetouch has built-in video tutorials, and an easy-to-use interface.

Using the application can be fun, because you use your fingers to do what needs to be done to get the correct results. It is close to what Photoshop can do, but the price comparison and the portability of the application carries a lot of weight.

TouchRetouch is available for both iPhone and iPad, and the only difference between the two is that the iPad TouchRetouch is a HD version, but it costs the same at $0.99. The larger iPad screen offers a lot more visual space, but there should be no problems working on the iPhone as the zooming tool works well, so detailed editing can be done.

TouchRetouch has a free version so you can test the application anytime before you decide to pay your buck, but it does leave a watermark on the finished photo. Try it, and see how useful and enjoyable this application can be. Download it from the App Store and start straight away.