iOS and Android registered a significant growth in 2010, and between now own almost double the percentage of the video-game market share than in 2009. Flurry, a mobile analytics service, recently published a report – which combines their mobile application data with published data from the NPD group and others – where it compared the 2009 and 2010 game sales of the two mobile giants. The report highlights that iOS and Android game sales increased from 5% to 8% in 2010 and revenue increased from $500 million to $800 million, during the same period.

A closer look at the figures show that the iOS and Android game sales boomed last year. The comparison with the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable reveals that the iOS and Android market share almost doubled from 19% in 2009 to 34% last year. At the same time, Nintendo DS market fell a massive 13% from 70% to 57%.

However, this is just one analysis and one metric, so it is too early to believe that portable gaming is dying, but it does seem that these gamers are trending to buy a smart-phone on which to play their favorite games in their spare time, and not just at home.