If you are in the market for a home or for the perfect house, you need to have floor plans, or  at least some samples that your agent or home builder brought to you, so that your imagination can begin to work creating images of your home in your mind. But sometimes it is difficult to visualize those lines and put together a 3D image of your future real estate property. However, floor plans are always useful to give you an idea of the flow of foot traffic, where you can put the furniture and give you some measurement points.

Now there is an application from Sensopia, a French-Canadian development company, which might help those who are thinking about buying or selling a house. The application, called MagicPlan, takes the work out of creating floor plans on paper with some ‘I don’t know how to’ methods. Now you can easily build a floor plan by just going to every room of the house and taking a picture of each corner of the rooms. While you are doing this, MagicPlan measures the walls and doors in each room, and then creates a floor plan of each room. To get the full picture (or should that be floor plan) of the house, just slide the rooms into their proper location by dragging them on the screen. The application will align the rooms and manage the thickness of the walls and so on. But MagicPlan does not stop here – add your pictures and furniture to the plan to see how the house will look – and finally geotagging information can be attached.

MagicPlan is a free application you can download from the App Store. You get a version for noncommercial use that produces a watermarked JPEG or PDF that can be uploaded to a website for viewing. But if you are prepared to spend $5, your images become watermark-free, and for a further $10 Sensopia offers you six months of web hosting. Get the picture!