When it comes to communicating with our friends and family around the world, there are many communication channels, and even more tools, for us to share our thoughts and experiences with them.

Now there is an application that allows us to share online videos. Of course, we already have YouTube and we can copy and paste a link to our Facebook status or to Twitter, but why spend time logging-in when there is a free application for sharing online videos directly from your iDevice?

Remixation, the company behind video start-up Vodpod, has launched its new application called Showyou. It is an effectively-designed application with customizable grids to collect video clips that your friends share on the social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Showyou then allows you to browse these videos and share your clips, even those you find on YouTube, TED and Vimeo. With thirty-five hours of video being uploaded on the Web every minute, there should be no shortage of video to watch, share and comment.

Showyou is a useful way to check the clips and see what your friends are doing, and you can even stream them to your TV with Apple TV as this application supports Airplay.

Further, the application has a feed where you can watch, and then talk about, those clips you saw on Showyou, and enables you to follow people as on Twitter. The application notifies you when your contacts from around the world share new clips or comment on your videos. If you like a clip that has been shared by some of your friends, you can tap the ‘thanks’ button – so if you do not have time for a comment, you can at least express your feelings with a simple tap. Showyou is a free download and it supports both iPhone and iPad.