As the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad become more and more successful, manufacturers want to use them as much as they can. From oscilloscope to TV remote almost everything is possible. Now some manufacturers are taking the more expensive route, such as Peel with their $99 remote that comes with a free application and a fruit-shaped transmitter, which you need to place within line of sight and within fifteen feet of your entertainment system.

At the other end, there is a company called Apptwee, that has devised the Ri, a small remote control unit that plugs into the headphone port of your iDevice and costs one-fifth of the price of the Peel remote unit. For $20 you can have a free application and your iDevice is transformed into an infrared universal remote.

You start by inserting the Ri unit in the headset jack and launching the application to choose the brand of your TV. Scroll down the list or use the letter index for faster navigation. The Ri now supports seventy-two different device types. When you have selected the brand, you then select the device. The remote is configured accordingly then you are asked to edit the remote name and room name. Ensure that you add it to favorites then wait for final configuration.

The Ri supports more than 845 devices, but it is not the self-learning type. However, the list is extensive and the company is adding new devices to the list regularly, so it should not be a problem to find your specific device.