The time for viewing 3D without the funny glasses has possibly started. When Apple presented their iPad2, the iDevice gave developers an incentive to be creative as it now features a front-facing as well as a rear-facing camera.

The developers at the Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research Group have already devised an application that could become ‘the start of a beautiful friendship’. They have managed to successfully combine a feed from the front-facing camera of the iPad2 with some software wizardry to track the position of a person’s head in real-time 3D.

The result is a 3D representation on a 2D screen that tracks you and moves with you. They call it Head-Coupled Perspective, and it looks convincing enough – at least on camera. And  they did not stop with the iPad2, and they have now managed to use this setup on the iPhone4 too.

Considering that all you need is a front-facing camera and a powerful device with sufficient ‘horsepower’ (which limits it currently to the iPad 2 and iPhone4), this could be the start of the development of some ingenious 3D-application interfaces that do not just rely on tilting the device. We are waiting!