This isn’t a bird, but a useful app on a jailbroken iDevice. This isn’t a Twitter client so you can’t ready through your timelines and can’t add followers, but you can do one thing quickly and painless: post a status update on Facebook or Twitter.

qTweeter gains field where other apps fail: Pulse and SoundTracking – for instance – are apps that help you post status updates on Facebook or Twitter, but in order to use them, you have to close the app you are using. The qTweeter solution: it’s accessible in every app, so you don’t have to stop what you are doing to send the status update. It has the ability to pull info out of your apps you’re using to prepare the posts quick.
Just think about the qTweeter as a mind reader. It is there all the time reads what you are doing, and when ready to share the info it pops out and posts your desired status quick and painless. If you’re listening to music in the iPod app, post a status update by simply tapping the music icon in qTweeter and you’ll have the information posted for you.
If you are browsing a website you wanna share with your friends swipe down on the status bar to activate qTweeter and hit the Safari QuickTweet button to insert the URL into a post.
Well, these are some quick features, but hey, you can try it for free. Just download the trial version and if you like it, it’s yours for $4.