Creative and inventive is the best description for the developers who have converted their iDevice into an oscilloscope.

The iMSO-104 application turns the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into an oscilloscope display, creating the smallest, portable scope worldwide:

Making the ideal solution for hobbyists and students as well as field sales and application engineers. It boasts a 5 MHz bandwidth and up to 12 MSPS (megasamples per second) sample rate, while simultaneously analyzing up to one analog and four digital signals,

The Oscium engineers and developers have received approval for their application in the App Store, and the application uses Apple’s intuitive multi-touch user interface, clear display and computation power to the full. Their website offers the guidelines on how to use the application and detailing the finger movements needed to navigate through the screens. For example, setting the analog trigger level can be achieved by touching the right side of the screen and swiping in the desired direction (up or down). If you move two fingers apart, you trigger a change in the vertical and horizontal scales. If you want to zoom out, just pinch the screen by moving two fingers toward each other.

A sophisticated application that is easy to use, and the iMSO-104 application can be pre-ordered for $300 from the Oscium’s Online Store.