The ‘Fring’ team is planning a surprise for us with group video chat. According to the latest information, a planned update will allow users to chat with up to four participants on-screen at once.

Fring‘ developers will send each one of you – those who have signed up already, of course – a beta version so you can test its new features before the application hits the App Store.

Several factors influence video chat, such as the Internet connection speed or the iPhone 4 processor, but it is hoped that ‘Fring‘ are working on the iPad version of the application, as the iPad 2’s A5 chip is much faster and – what might be more important than the processor – it has a larger screen, so the faces become more visible.

Fring’s video chat service has come out long before Skype, so we can expect a similar step coming from Skype in the near future – hopefully, sooner rather than later, because the iPhone version feels somewhat limited.