It may be old news, but Safari for iPhone is far better than any other mobile browser, but the mobile browser industry is led by Opera Mini, and Apple have not done much to improve it since its launch.

iCab Mobile‘ have now entered the arena of mobile browsers with several aces in its hands – and a few drawbacks.

Primarily, the $2 price – do we need to pay for a web browser?  Does it offer a better web browsing experience on the iPad or the iPhone? Apple created a platform for developers to bring you the best experience in any field. Consider MobileMe – it comes with a 20GB iDisk, but anyone who has tried Dropbox knows that it works much better. Apple came out with iCal, but BusyCall is the preferred application.

The features that come with iCab are many, so here are a few of them to tempt you – the others you can experience on-the-go.

Tabbed browsing was conspicuous by its absence on the iPhone and iPad, but iCab now brings real tabs to improve your web browsing experience. When you have found a file you want to download Safari lets you view it, but iCab lets you download it, and by using iTunes file-sharing the file can now be sent to your Mac.

Safari is kind of lost when it comes to uploading a picture from your photograph library, but iCab is able to provide a useful method – as well as with bookmarks, web filters, customized search engines, and so on.

iCab has full screen mode in which you can open links in different tabs – you can even open a link found in the text you are reading by simply tapping on it, then continue reading while the link loads in the background.

Safari is good, but iCab comes with some useful additional features to improve your mobile browsing experience that $2 suddenly becomes a worth-while investment.