When jailbreaking was made legal last July, many thought it would change the world of iOS or maybe even change some minds over at Apple. Reluctantly, it hasn’t changed other than the freedom to do so without paranoia. But, something is changing in the world of jailbreaking.

Corporations are starting to take notice of the potential Cydia and the jailbreak community can bring to the table. There are millions of iDevices sold every day and with the most recent lines for the iPad 2, its hard to ignore. Saurik, the author of Cydia, says that 9% of iDevices are jailbroken, 1.5 million unique users log into Cydia daily, and 4-5 million weekly. Saurik estimates that there are about 10-15 million iDevices being used today. Those numbers are hard to brush off for any corporation looking to get out of the red in these economic times.

One company has taken advantage of this niche market and released a theme for iPhones with Cydia. Scion, the brand made by Toyota, has released a custom theme made just for jailbroken iPhones. This has been the first attempt of any major corporation to appeal to the jailbreak community. In my opinion, this is a major step for the community and what it entails for the future of Cydia. Cheers to Toyota and Scion for looking into this market for support of their products. This could be the first step into gaining foot for other corporations to take advantage of this opportunity. We might see more custom themes or different variations coming from new or established names in the corporate world.