Although reports are regularly publishing information about the Android platform passing iPhone 4 in both installed base and growth, the reality is somehow different. Jeff Tribble, head of an SEO firm ROI365, for instance has other data coming from his analytical data gathered from 4 million unique visitors across a large portfolio of web sites. He said the Android’s share of web visits over the iPhone “is very slight and has not grown much over the past quarter.”

Tribble further reported that his collective data:

currently show 2.89% of the visits coming from Android versus 2.62% coming from iPhone. In December we showed 2.05 for Android and 2.01 for iPhone. But this is not an apples-to-apples comparison.

AppleInsider quotes from Tribble’s report as follows:

The Android stats are for the total platform while iOS stats are broken out into 3 categories, iPhone, iPad and iPod. Android has never come close to passing iOS as a whole. Our iOS visits are currently 4.97%, up from 3.8% in December. If you exclude iPod (which is slightly declining) our visits are currently 4.16%, up from 2.94% in December for a growth rate of 41.5% which is slightly higher than the Android platform growth of 40.98%. So while the entire Android platform with all of their partners, models, phones and tablets has outgrown the single iPhone 4 by 40.98% to 30.35% the past 4 months, iPad is outgrowing the entire Android ecosystem so significantly [that] it more than makes up for the iPhone deficiency plus some. And it just launched 3 weeks ago and millions of people who want them can’t get their hands on them yet.

Obviously, this is something worth watching for the future.