Perhaps you are waiting somewhere in the queue while you are reading this article and wondering why the iPad 2 has become one hard-to-get device. eBay has now revealed information on the buying activity of the  iPad 2 on its US website.

According to their press release and Cnet:

The tablet has been moving briskly on the service, reaching just less than 12,000 sales in the two-week period between the US launch and the iPad 2’s launch in 25 additional international countries.
What is different from last year’s figures is the percentage of iPads now selling inside this country – the figure has now reached 65%. With the launch of the first-generation iPad, 65% went outside US, but this year the same percentage represents the iPads sold within the US.

According to eBay, the two biggest export locations are Canada and Russia, followed by Japan, Hong Kong and United Kingdom. Russia received a total of 500 iPad 2s compared with 215 of the original tablet for the same period in 2010. Moreover, Russia was “the biggest importer of 16 GB iPads as well as having the highest average markup on the 32 GB model at $306 over retail” Cnet reports.

It is interesting that buyers are willing to pay significantly more for Apple’s latest magical device than the original sticker price. eBay averaged the selling price of the available models, and found – the 16 GB Wi-Fi Only model sells for $198 more than the original $499 retail price. And it does not stop there, hitting a $264 premium on the 64 GB model, and a typical (read whopping) $406 premium on the top-of-the-line 64 GB model with 3G.