With $40 to spare and a recent Mac with an iSight camera, you can transform your work station into a home-surveillance system – thanks to the introduction of ‘Witness’. This application was developed by Orbicule, who have produced a powerful surveillance application that uses your favorite Mac’s camera to convert your computer into a motion sensor – the application runs in the background on your computer, and starts recording videos or photographs as soon as any motion is detected.

Orbicule says in a recent press release that :

Every fourteen seconds a burglary takes place in the United States. About 2.2 million houses, offices and dorm rooms are broken into yearly, resulting in annual losses of $3.1 billion.

In response to this disturbing fact, Orbicule’s development results in an application that puts your Mac to work (even though you originally bought it for enjoyment). Now, while you are at the beach having fun, your friendly Mac buddy will be taking care of things back at the ranch taking videos or mugshots of any intruder, and sending an alert to your portable iOS – just make sure that you have your magical device or tablet with you at all times.

The ‘Witness’ application comes with a free remote iOS application compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Of course, this is an alternative to a full-blown home-surveillance system, and it is cheaper although not as robust as a dedicated multi-camera system.