A couple of days ago, Vimeo came out with a new iPhone application – a powerful tool for watching, recording, editing and delivering video to Vimeo.

Vimeo’s iPhone application is a portrait orientation-based application with a graphical user interface. Starting up the application, you find some predefined libraries such as ‘My Video Library’ that – naturally – holds your videos. Across the top of the screen are the ‘New’ (+) and ‘Camera’ buttons, followed by a list of your previously-uploaded videos. The bottom of the screen holds the ‘My Videos’, ‘Recordings’, ‘My Stuff’, ‘Browse’ and the account-information buttons.

With the Vimeo for iPhone, there are several things you can perform such as check the status of your video, view submissions by other people, shoot and edit video, then share it on Vimeo.com.

To view your videos you start by tapping ‘My Videos’ in the lower left corner, which gives you several options such as sharing, tagging, adding your video to a group, and reading comments. If you want to see other peoples’ videos just tap the ‘Browse’ button and you can find the channels, listing several videos to watch.

When it comes to video shooting, there is nothing new here – anyone who has shot a video on an iPhone knows how it works. Tap the ‘Camera’ button to activate the rear camera and you see three buttons across the bottom of the screen (landscape or portrait). The first returns you to the last screen, the second starts and stops the recording, and the third displays optional settings – turn the flash on or off, or set to automatic; fill the recording area with your subject; go to the letterbox; or adjust the settings of the grids.

When you have finished shooting, then editing – Vimeo has a Video Editor that lets you see your clip on the left, an information panel on the right, with the time-line along the bottom. Those who have used the iMovie application will immediately feel at home – you can perform simple trimming, and add clips or photographs. If you want to see the available options for your clip just tap the ‘+’ at the end of the time-line – any new additions are added to the end of the time-line, or can be rearranged anytime with a simple tap and drag.

In the ‘Titles’ section there are limited options, but this is balanced out with the ‘Audio’ options, which enable you to use the audio library with many free tracks – or you can just record some of your own.

When the editing is complete, and you are ready to share, just tap the project you want the world to see and hit ‘Export’. Hopefully, Vimeo can get rid of the bugs with the next update!