Spending more money on your iPad 2 is not a big problem, especially if you have the possibility of transmitting audio and video to a remote presentation system. Here is the link to a video that will demonstrate the use of this new hack.

What are you going to need to make this work? First an iPad 2,  of course. Then the HDMI transmitter, which costs $180, and the Apple HDMI adapter, plus the battery, to create the wireless mirroring with an iPad 2. The battery was $40, according to the information given, and the HDMI adapter from Apple was another $40. This means the total cost goes up to $275, but two guys made this video to demonstrate that it is simple and can be done at home –  just be prepared to spend some time and some money for the work.

However, one deterring factor that will keep most iPad 2 users from using this handy equipment – the extra 2 pounds of weight that comes with the wireless kit – and maybe the fact that you will only be able to stream wirelessly for a maximum of two hours. But that is sufficient for making a short presentation, so for a mobile presenter or trainer, who uses the magical tablet, this could prove to be a useful and economical hack.