For many people there are times we have to simply deal with the annoyance of switching from 3G to Edge almost daily (more unlucky users may switch many times a day). This is a fact of life for me, as I make a 160 mile round trip commute every day. Inevitably I will switch from 3G to Edge at least 3 times on my trip, which of course renders my apps nearly useless, especially high data use apps like Pandora or Sirius XM. I found myself asking “why didn’t Apple include a setting to turn off one network or another like every other cell phone since digital phones came to market??” (This question has yet to be answered…)

All of the areas I drive through are covered by 3G (metro Houston area), and there is no reason that my phone could not stay in 3G. After some determination & google searching I have finally found a solution. (Note that I tried the “Edge” button in SBSettings, however it simply turns off ALL data, including 3G. My solution: edit the phone’s files to stop it from ever going to Edge!

What is required for the edit:

– A jailbroken iPhone

– SSH client (such as putty)

– OpenSSH installed on your iPhone (found in Cydia)

– Basic knowledge of command prompt/SSH use

What you will need to do:

– SSH to your phone logging in as “root” (password is usually alpine).

– Navigate to /var/wireless/Library/Preferences/

– Edit the file csidata (I use nano as my editor)

– Find the line that reads “GsmRegistrationModel::fRatSelection=0x1” & change it to GsmRegistrationModel::fRatSelection=0x2 (For those that need to know, 0x1 = 3G & Edge Data, 0x0 is Edge only, and 0x2 is 3G only)

– Save the file & reboot your phone!

Your iPhone 4 will now ONLY use the 3G network. Note, this will NOT allow you to use your data service if you are in an Edge only area (yes, they do still exist). I should also note that the entire process will need to be redone if you accidentally use SBSettings to turn your data settings on or off.

No more losing your music on Pandora or interrupting those torrents from downloading!