Tablets Galore as JADU Stays On Top of the Market

It’s been a little over half a year since we were all introduced to JADU Industries, Skadoosh Stand for the iPad and Motorolas “Xoom”.  Back then I wrote a very detailed article involving that table top stand, which to date is still the best stand for that market segment.  Well Dustin (Owner and President), has not been sleeping nor sitting on his laurels.  No sir.  He has come out with yet another new stand (sort of) in the typical JADU quality and fashion, The Perch for the Galaxy by Samsung.

So what’s different about the Perch from the Skadoosh?  A good question, so read carefully as this is but a simple answer.  Aside from the removal of the support truss that swings out from under and the lack of a divot in the rocker in order to get to the home button on the iPad?  Absolutely nothing, and that’s a good thing.  If you will recall (for those of you who read it, and those of you who did not Click HERE) I stated clearly the absolute high quality of the Skadoosh, in its construction out of powder coated aluminum. The fact that this is in no way a toy but a real industrial grade piece of professional equipment and the fact that to date, still, no better stand on the market for your tablet, for table top use.

Now you’ll probably notice that I am saying Tablet all the time.  This is intentional due to the fact that the iPad simply is no longer the lone kid on the corner slinging our preferred vice of techno-phile fixes regarding the ultra portable Tablet.  Nope, now as it stands, we have the Galaxy, Xoom, Asus, and many others on the horizon on their way.  How serious is this market?  What if I told  you that this year alone the experts project that 50,000,000 tablets will be sold and by 2015 the projections claim 208,000,000 tablets will be consumed by the market place.  Can anyone say “Bye Laptop, you were a great friend, but I found someone hotter, thinner and more attractive”?  This translates into the genius of JADU and their stand.

The Brilliance is, if you own a Skadoosh already, you may not need another tablet other than your iPad…for now.  However, what if you decide to upgrade to say an iPad 2, or another manufacturer altogether?  Well, all you need is a new “Rocker.  You know, that little vinyl plastic thing that swivels making your Tablet tilt forward and back?  That’s replaceable and JADU has them.  Ready and waiting for you.  So the Perch/Skadoosh, is the way you want to go as not only will it last forever, but is upgradeable at a fraction of the cost.

So should you get a Perch/Skadoosh?  Well at $59.99/$69.99 respectively (Add $10.00 for customized engraving if desired) you can’t lose. Run on over to their site and buy one.  Seriously, you’ll need it. I use mine religiously.

Oh and one more thing, the stands also come in the traditional Sliver and now Black (as seen in the pic above). Nice!