ThumbDogs Finger Condoms Make Gloved Hands Work for Touch Screens

No, I am not making a slap to Mans Best Friend.  I am refering to ThumbDogs, a new and innovative product that has been a long time coming and desperately needed for gloved hands.  For those of us who live in colder climates, nothing is as much of a PIA than having to answer a call, navigate, or operate in any way or fashion our iPhones, or any touch screen device which is now the benchmark standard for any portable device be it phone or tablet.

This is where ThumbDogs come in.  So what are ThumbDogs?  ThumbDogs are finger condoms that fit over the fore-finger and thumb of your gloved hands.  The top is made out of a nylon Lycra, while the bottoms are constructed of a silver conductive fabric which allow you to use your device without the need of taking off your glove.  Now if that aint awesome I don’t know what is.

So let’s go into some particulars like construction and performance.  The construction is fine and simple.  Nylon/Lycra/conductive fabric.  The openings are edged with an elastic band (like little Fruit of the Looms) with the interior seemingly swabbed lightly with a slightly adhesive-tack, to help prevent the TDs from floating around your finger tips.  Installation is a bit encumbersome due to the tack, but nothing to worry about.  They just wont slip on easy like your, well…gloves.  The best way to put them on is to put a glove on. and pull a TD over the Fore Finger and then thumb adjust, position some and you’re good to go.

Now for you fashionistas out there, you’ll notice they are black and thats the only color they come in as of now.  Also because of the silver bottoms, they look eerily like your fingers have duct tape wrapped around them when viewing palms up.  Then there are the product tags.  Out of everything, this issue is the easiest to correct by simply tucking the tags in and under the TD so it rests out of sight and mind between the TD and your glove.

How do they work?  Superlatively.  The TDs do exactly what they are meant to do.  With gloved hands you can now operate your touch screen device.  I have been playing around and using my TDs in the frosty world of NYC for a month now and they work well.  One small issue though is for fat fingers especially with gloves, the TD can make too large of a contact patch causing no effect.  But in cases like that, using a finger tip or corner of the TD’d gloved finger solves the problem.

Each package comes with four TDs to be placed on each gloves fore finger and thumb.  This is for texting and game play or whatever.  However if you’re more of a professional fellow or lady, this four-pack is good for two sets of gloves.  See I’m a right handed guy, and since I do not spend my time texting in the subterranean tunnel of the NY Subway System, i just don’t need to have two hands “Dogged”.  So I just need one hand, which means only two fingers, freeing up my other hand and thus those other two TDs went on another pair of gloves.  What a bargain.

Now, the question turns to, what does it do to the gloves?  The fact is, it does nothing.  I own and use fine leather gloves.  The interior adhesive has no effect on the leather and the elastic band creates no perma-marks into the soft supple animal skin.  They work well and go great with black gloves.  The suggested use is for cold weather and activities in that environment.  However, there is also other uses outside of cold weather.  I can see use for horseback riding, as well as motorcycle riding.  I leave it to your consideration should you need them.  But at a price of $12.99 per pack of four?  You can’t beat ’em.

Like I said, cold weather is for the ‘Dogs.  Go get ’em guys!