The introduction of Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard is slightly disappointing.  However, let us start things on a positive note.

Single Player mode

The good:  Rainbow Six is every embodies all the tactical and strategic elements that made this game famous. The options, the weapons everything is there. You can use a variety of strategies including stealth advances, surprise attacks and rapid assault with a variety of different methods.

The bad: The main problem is that the game lacks a proper plot line. In the end, you feel bored and loose interest because the curiosity and suspense just does not get to you. Furthermore, the controls are cluttered which makes it very difficult to make organize attacks, especially if you get involved in high-intensity combat. The AI is not very smart either

Multiplayer mode:

The good: Five death-match maps can feature up to 10 players. In addition, a multiplayer co-op allows three players to play in a single-player mission.

The bad: There is a serious lag issue to begin with. In addition, re-spawning and AI behavior is erratic at best, which really zaps the fun out of the game. The co-op mode lacks text or voice chat, which makes strategizing impossible unless all three players are in the same room.

Overall, this is game with a lot of potential, which makes these flaws look worse.