Cases labeled for the iPhone 5 recently emerged on the website Alibaba. Before we dismiss this, we must keep in mind that the same website posted many accurate cases for the iPad 2. In addition, other websites such as Hard Mac, also seem to confirm the authenticity of the iPhone 5 cases.

Unfortunately, the cases themselves do not provide much with regards to information on the exact nature of the iPhone 5. In terms of size and shape, the cases look almost exactly the same as the as the iPhone 4.  However, the striking similarity is not exactly striking according to many analysts who expect the iPhone 5 to look and feel very similar to the iPhone 4 but also incorporate various features or enhancements that are currently lacking in the iPhone 4. Amongst the predictions, include an enhanced antenna system and hardware to enable NFC.

However, it seems that we would not have to wait too long because we might get more information in June. If Apple sticks to its timetable, then it is just a matter of time before we get real details on the iPhone 5. In the meanwhile, the best we can do is hound analysts and look out for more leaks. We might just get lucky if another Apple engineer leaves a prototype in a bar somewhere, start looking!