The iPhone has demonstrated many times over the value of its apps in real-world situations, but most of these functions rarely affected the higher echelons of professional golf. That has now changed when we learned that a simple iPhone app allowed a British Golfer to dominate the first round of a professional golf tournament.

Anthony Wall, is not thanking his lucky stars but his 59p iPhone app, for allowing him to lead the Sicilian Open second round with a four-under-par 67. Wall bought a Dave Stockton iPhone app about reading greens. The app provides various tips for everyone from amateurs to professionals. The app is available for download from the iTunes store and judging by the superb recommendations coming out from the golfing community, we would say that it is well worth the asking price. Rarely does an app deserve such praise.

Apps are certainly leading the way, instead of clunky books; they provide a vital audio-visual element that greatly improves the spread and content of information regardless of the subject in question. We look forward to many more apps making a strong impact in the world of sports and virtually every other realm of human society, especially our favorite pastimes and sports.