There is no doubt that the battle between Android and the iPhone is in full throttle and a recent report on the performance their web browsers has taken things to a whole new level once more.

Let us begin with Blaze, a software company that recently said that it tested 45,000 real sites and concluded that Google’s Android loaded web pages 52 percent faster than the iPhone. If we put this in context of time, then the Android 2.3 has a median load time of 2.144 seconds, which is much faster than the iPhone’s median load time of 3.254 seconds.

On the other hand, Gomez, another software company, claims that the iPhone loads 17 seconds faster than Android devices. Gomez claims that they checked the performance based on the data collected from customers and the load time from 282 million web pages, across 200 websites.

While Apple has already come out against the results obtained from Blaze on the basis that the testing procedures were flawed, Google has chosen to remain silent. Google has been increasing the competition recently has obtained rave reviews for its latest updates. In addition, a whole range of Android enabled phones are increasing the pressure on the iPhone. However, it seems that Apple is still holding its ground, albeit barely.