Apple is famous for its strict guidelines on apps and regularly bans those that it considers inappropriate. However, the approval of the “Ex-Gay” iPhone app, seems to demonstrate the fact that Apple is nowhere near a comprehensive policy towards apps that promote religious intolerance or homophobia.  

The app in question has been developed by Exodus International, a Christian organization that views homosexuality as a disease that could be cured though Christian teachings. The idea, that it treats homosexuality as a disease goes to demonstrate how offensive this app is to the gay and lesbian community in the world. However, instead of banning this app, Apple gave it a 4+ rating, meaning that it does not find any offensive material.

Since Apple makes it a point to remove apps that it deems racist, it should also extend that policy with regards to homophobia. This is a matter of principle, not policy. If Apple wants to control content, then it should do so in a fair and equitable manner. If it wants to allow all apps based on the idea of freedom of speech, then it should stick to that policy. This sort of indecisiveness is not what we have come to expect of Apple.