Many times over, this blog has cautioned its readers of the possible consequences of using various iPhone apps in an irresponsible manner. While many nodded in agreement, others argued that this amounts to nothing more than silly paranoia. After-all, how could a harmless iPhone, cause too much problems outside the plastic iPhone prison? Now we finally have an example to prove otherwise. Police recently charged a 24-year-old Bethel Park man with impersonating an official police officer on duty.

Basically, this individual named Adam Phillips used an iPhone app that produces red and blue flashing lights, similar to that of a police car, and placed it on his dashboard in order to get the attention of the driver in front, who was allegedly upsetting him. Needless to say, the ploy worked and the driver pulled off into a parking lot thinking Phillips was police officer. Afterwards Phillips even followed the other driver for sometime before the incident ended.

However, Phillips has the most to lose now that he is being charged with the possession of a criminal instrument, tampering with evidence and harassment. The iPhone in itself or the app in question are not dangerous in normal circumstances. However, as this incident demonstrates, even the best-loved gadgets can become “criminal instruments” in the hands of idiots.