Apple’s iPhone 4 raked in the fifth consecutive win in the J.D Power and Associates smartphone customer satisfaction rankings. Apple scored 795 out of 1000 points while Motorola came in second with 763 and HTC came in third with 762. Apple did have a few points less than last time but it managed to win by a much larger gap. Apple aced every category except for battery satisfaction, where it actually did much worse than other manufacturers.

Analysts were quick to attribute the latest iPhone win to the fact that the iPhone just keeps evolving into something much better than the last. The consistency and perhaps the aura of the iPhone symbol have resulted in a very high standard that its competitors are still finding difficult to beat.

Certainly, the victory in itself does not reflect sales figures; the Android enabled devices officially outpaced the iPhone this month. However, satisfaction levels do reflect customer loyalty and brand value and these factors are important. All sides seem determined to increase the stakes in the latest round of the smartphones wars. HTC, Motorola and others are in the process of releasing high-powered 4G enabled smartphones while Apple is preparing to release the iPhone 5. The competition is bound to bring out the best in everyone.