A Verizon executive has hinted that the carrier will cease unlimited data plans for the iPhone as early as the middle of this summer. According to Reuters, Francis Shammo, Verizon’s Chief Financial Officer, said at a recent investors conference that Verizon will “probably transition to tiered data plans in the midsummer time frame. Verizon had kept the unlimited plan for the iPhone launch because it didn’t want to put up a barrier to consumers looking to try out the handset.”

As the launch of the Verizon iPhone became closer, rumors about the unlimited data plans started to spring up everywhere, so the rival carrier AT&T quietly began to offer some of its iPhone customers unlimited data plans again in January – just to keep its clients from switching to Verizon, although AT&T had already limited its data plans back in 2010.

However, the stories with unlimited data plans now seems to be coming to an end, as according to ‘AppleInsider’, Verizon’s COO Lowell McAdam “went on record as saying the unlimited data plan would only be a temporary offer, with tiered pricing coming in the not too distant future.”

Something else arising out of Shammo’s remarks at the investors conference is the possibility of an updated CDMA iPhone arriving later this year, with Credit Suisse analyst, Jonathon Chaplin, saying: “I would take that comment as a pretty strong signal there’s an iPhone refresh coming to Verizon in the third quarter.”