According to ‘AppleInsider‘ the new ultra-thin glass screen set to be unveiled as part of the second-generation iPad on Wednesday, March 2nd, has ‘yield issues’ that could result in a limited supply at launch.

Sources in Apple’s supply chain suggested that the second-generation tablet may be affected by some production difficulties, according to Bill Shope, of ‘Goldman Sachs’. This could lead to a limited supply being available at the launch, although ‘AppleInsider’ heard last week that Apple is making arrangements for product availability at the launch.

However, the production issue does not suggest any delays in launching the iPad 2, and Shope also reaffirmed that by saying:

It appears that Apple is once again pushing the technology envelope by making the device far thinner than the original iPad, and the iPad 2’s ultra-thin glass screen is generating yield issues. This appears to be more of a process problem as opposed to a technology problem, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see volumes ramp fairly quickly as the process improves.

In addition, the analyst said he expects the iPad 2 to cost 10% less than the previous generation tablet, however, he did note that the iPad pricing is already more aggressive than its competitors, so a price cut is not really necessary or on the cards. But all will be revealed on the 2nd.