Adding more fuel to the on-off story of the launch of the iPad 2, people-in-the-know are now saying that Apple is preparing some of its operating units to perform functions during the second half of this week that represent nothing short of a large-scale, consumer-oriented product roll out. Official invitations indicate this Wednesday’s press briefing is going to focus on the launch of the second-generation iPad.

Engadget‘ is saying that the iPad 2 will be thinner and faster than its predecessor, and will have at least a front-facing camera for ‘FaceTime’. Although ‘Engadget’ originally launched the rumor of an SD slot and higher resolution display, it is generally accepted now that the new iPad will not be featuring either of these features.

The good news, however, is that the tablet will have more RAM (512 MB is expected), which means fewer application crashes when multiple applications are running simultaneously. The device will be much faster than its predecessor as the Apple-designed CPU, the A5, will now be installed in the iPad 2.

AppleInsider‘ noted that rapidly-growing popularity of the tablet generated a revenue of $4.61 billion during 2010, of which $4.4 billion was from the sale of the device alone. Therefore, ‘AppleInsider’ contend that launching the new iDevice at the top of the month and only making it available at the end of March or beginning of April will cost the company billions, so putting two and two together gives us…..

As the Wall Street Journal already reported at the beginning of February the second-generation iPad is already in production and the new magic tablet will be available real soon now. According to Apple, it is now official – the iPad 2 is on – and that is on 2nd March – well that is the date we shall find out more about what is happening.