Even for the most unassuming amongst us, there are times we just want to ‘let it rip’ and push the volume button as far to the right as possible and ‘blow those decibels’. But the standard ‘ear-plugs’ fitted to you iDevice are not much help when you want to share your favorite music with those around you. Now there is a portable speaker system that plugs into your iPhone or iPad to help you ‘spread the word’ – the ‘iMainGo 2’, which has been around for some time, is now joined by its big brother, the ‘iMainGo X‘ with an improved system and louder speakers – now you can really ‘ get your message across’.

In appearance, the ‘iMainGo X’ looks like a large clutch case containing a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack, the speakers and the electronics, while behind a waterproof shield is space to plug in your iDevice. The ‘iMainGo X’ now comes with slightly larger bass speakers as well as the ability to daisy-chain up to three devices for a louder surround-sound experience. If that is insufficient the device has an additional headset port, on the front of the case, to enable you to connect up two more devices.

The design of the clutch case device keeps your iDevice free from water, sand or dust, and the ‘iMainGo X’ comes with foam padding in several thicknesses so you can make sure that your favorite iDevice always fits flush with the clear plastic cover. The speakers that come with the case are capable of handling any type of music, from opera to hard rock, producing improved sound quality over the smaller version with clear highs and extraordinary bass.

The ‘iMainGo X’ is a truly portable PA system for your iDevice so that now you can really ‘express yourself’ – and all this for $69.95 – brings a whole new meaning to ‘mobile disco‘.