The launch of ‘DropBox’ gave us a powerful tool to enable the transfer of files from our iDevices to our less-mobile devices. Now along comes DaVinciWare Inc with ‘DropPhox’ to extend these facilities to include videos and pictures so that you can now enjoy watching your daily ‘shoot’ on the big screen of your Mac.

DropPhox‘ allows you to take videos and pictures on your iDevice and then transfer them wirelessly to your ‘DropBox’ account. All you need to do is to invest a whole two dollars and link ‘DropPhox’ to your existing ‘DropBox’ account.

Once you have snapped your picture, ‘DropPhox’ transfers the image if there is an internet connection. If there is no connection immediately available, the application puts the transfer on hold and resumes as soon as it detects a new connection. Nothing could be simpler.

The application enables you to customize the size of the image so that you can choose between the original size and pixel formats of 1200 x 600, 960 x 1280 or 600 x 800. Other options allow you to enable or disable the camera roll, and to change the date-stamping format among others.

‘DropPhox’ is a useful replacement for your iDevice’s built-in Apple Camera application, as it enables you, after taking a picture or a video, to bring up the zoom slider by tapping the screen for viewing – and, of course, use of a flash is supported.

DaVinciWare Inc. have developed a useful application that will cost you a whole $2.