All the budding movie makers out there already now that you can shoot a movie with the iPhone4 device – nothing new there – but now think two iPhone4 devices and what do you get? Two movies of course – not according to the enthusiastic guys at ‘Atomic Cheesecake Productions’ who have managed to produce a music video in 3D no less.

Using two iDevices plugged into a semi-fancy rig they managed to align the two devices so they could record and combine the two video streams to create a 3D effect. They also used ‘Almost DSLR‘, an application that gives the user precise control over the individual settings of the iPhone’s camera. The guys needed to do some post-processing (of course), but not very much, to perfect the 3D, and they managed to create an innovative and interesting 3D music video – you can judge the results for yourself as Luke Hagendorf, the musician, will be using this video for his latest song Changes We Don’t Understand.

So, you should put on those red and green glasses, sit back and enjoy the full 3D effect of the video – and start to think how you can stretch the envelope with your next movie-making project – with your magic iDevice, the possibilities are becoming endless.